How long does shipping/handling take?

Standard production time is 2-4 days, and average delivery time is 2-7 business days.
Delivery times are typically longer for international orders, but our goal is to get these prints to you asap!

What if my print arrives damaged?

Receiving a damaged print is the worst, and I wish there was a way to prevent that from ever happening. In the case of smaller corner creases, they are unfortunately sometimes inevitable. However, our high-quality paper will minimize the odds of that happening, and these creases are often unnoticeable/reparable once you gently rub them out and place them within a frame.
If your poster arrives severely damaged, please provide your name, a photo of your poster, and order number to contact@kitschstreet.com so we can make it right for you!

When will there be new prints?

Now that we have our store up and running, we will be releasing new designs very soon! Subscribe to our email and follow us on Instagram to stay updated :)